A Transportation Companion for Your Companion

Safe, Friendly, and Reliable Companion Transportation

K9 Air and Transport serves to safely transport your companion from point A to point B via automobile or aircraft. All companion trips are climate controlled and provide a safe manner of transportation for any companion, big or small.

Safe Transportation For Your Peace of Mind

Our ground transport is equipped with fans to keep air circulating throughout the cabin. We make sure that all companions are comfortably placed into a carrier that is bound to the vehicle via tension cables, allowing some movement of the crate should a sudden movement of the vehicle occur.

In the air, your companion will fly directly behind our licensed pilot and trainer, ensuring that they are safe and comfortable at all times.

A Family You Can Trust

At K9 Air and Transport, we believe that all animals should be treated like family, and that’s why we treat our travel companions with the utmost respect, making sure they are comfortable every bit of the way.

Land and Air Services

K9 Air and Transport offers both in air and on ground transportation services. Depending on the distance to travel and the time constraints, you’ll receive a list of options that K9 Air and Transport can offer for your specific transportation needs. Each trip is customized based on the companion(s) and their needs.

Meet the Owner

Meet, Tyler Ohlmann, Founder and Operator of K9 Air and Transport. Tyler began training dogs professionally in 2012. He has trained over 3,500 dogs for purposes that include basic and advanced obedience, agility, confirmation and show, tracking, and scent detection.


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